Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Russian authorities must promptly investigate a threat made against the lives of prominent human rights lawyer Magomed Alamov and his family and provide them with effective protection, said Amnesty International.

On 23 October, Magomed Alamov, who works for the non-governmental organization Crew Against Torture working with SK SOS, a support network for the victims of domestic violence in the North Caucasus, was threatened by relatives of a young woman who escaped her home in Ingushetia with the help of his organisation.

In an audio recording publicised by local human rights defenders, Magomed Alamov is heard speaking on the phone to the young woman from her family home. He is heard saying: “I am at your home, surrounded by your relatives. My life and the life of my family is at risk. They made a condition: they give you one week to return home. If you do not return, I will be killed”. Magomed Alamov’s colleagues immediately contacted law enforcement agencies, but at the time of writing they have taken no action. Magomed Alamov was able to leave the house without hindrance, but he fears he and his family are still at risk.

“The inaction of the authorities in a situation where the life of a human rights lawyer is at risk because of his work is simply unacceptable,” said Natalia Prilutskaya, Amnesty International Russia’s Researcher.

The inaction of the authorities in a situation where the life of a human rights lawyer is at risk because of his work is simply unacceptable

Natalia Prilutskaya, Amnesty International Russia’s Researcher

“The authorities must act urgently to provide effective protection for Magomed Alamov and his family, and promptly conduct a thorough, independent and impartial investigation into the threats made against him and his relatives with a view of identifying those responsible.

“Magomed Alamov’s case further highlights a distressing reality where the Russian authorities continuously fail to act against the surge of cases of domestic violence reported across Russia. This includes reports from the North Caucasus, where an increased number of allegations present a grim picture of domestic violence perpetrated particularly against young women attempting to forge an independent life away from their family or separate from their partners. Many are forcibly kept in the family or returned by force to their family or partner’s home if they manage to escape. Regrettably, these human rights violations persist with the complicity of law enforcement officers, who should be combating such injustices.”

According to Crew Against Torture, the threats against Magomed Alamov came from the relatives of a young woman who hold high-ranking positions in Ingushetia.

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