Lunes, 15 de abril, 2024

Responding to Russia’s extensive attacks across Ukraine, including the latest overnight airstrikes which have targeted Ukraine’s electricity grid, Patrick Thompson, Amnesty International’s Ukraine Researcher, said:

“In what may be cumulatively one of Russia’s most destructive series of strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, several power facilities were attacked, resulting in further suffering and disruption to Ukrainian civilians. Deliberately attacking civilian infrastructure, such as power stations and electricity supplies, and causing overwhelming harm to civilians is a violation of international humanitarian law.

“Russia has scaled up its relentless aggression against the civilian population and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine in recent days. The damage to civilian infrastructure has led to a fight for survival for Ukrainians who have been learning to live in perpetual mortal danger and – quite literally – growing darkness.

“Amnesty International is calling for Russia to end its aggression in Ukraine, including its unlawful attacks on infrastructure that Ukrainian civilians rely on in their daily lives. The international community must also reaffirm its commitment to repairing the harm and bringing those responsible for war crimes to justice.”


The Ukrainian authorities have been forced to introduce planned power outages to prevent Ukraine’s remaining energy infrastructure from being overloaded, causing disruption to civilian life.

Amnesty International has been working to document war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. All of Amnesty International’s outputs published to date can be found here.